New Delhi: The Kingfisher airplane bound to Patna had to make an emergency landing at Kolkata airport in the wake of blinding fog that has blanketed whole north India. Amid ruckus created by the passengers for the wrong landing, the plane returned to Delhi late Tuesday night, sources said.

Kingfisher flight-33451, carrying 250 passengers, was scheduled to depart from IG Airport New Delhi at 1:20 pm. It was delayed by two hours due to foggy weather in Patna.

The flight took off for Patna airport at 5:30pm after taking halt in Ranchi. Around 7 pm due to poor visibility, the pilot refused to land the plane in Patna. Sources say, for nearly half-an-hour the plane was taking rounds in the air.

After no possibility of landing at Patna airport, it was decided to move towards Kolkata. At 9:30 when the flight landed at Kolkata airport, the pilot and crew members faced stern protests from enraged passengers. Thereafter, Kingfisher made announcement of bus arrangement for ferrying them to Patna.

Irked over the delay and wrong landing, the passengers created ruckus at the airport and refused to go to Patna by bus. Later, it was decided to fly them back to Delhi. At 11:30 pm, the plane departed from Kolkata and reached Delhi at 1:30 am.

Kingfisher Airlines spokesperson, Prakash Meerpuri said, “There is no control over weather. However, arrangements were being made for the passengers at a hotel while those willing to go to Patna were given tickets for next flight.