New Delhi: Believe it or not! Website addresses have now crossed the number of stars in the universe.
Internet deemed as one of the biggest inventions of world since the electricity. And with its worldwide expansion and potential to make information open for everyone’s perusal, it is getting into pre-requisites of every stakeholders of the earth.

Notwithstanding the potential, but it would have been difficult for even inventor of internet Tim Berners-Lee to predict how far it will go?

It is now astonishing to see that the present number of website addresses has crossed the number of stars available in the universe. The galaxy of web addresses had become difficult to manage. Nobody would have thought that there will be paucity of web addresses someday. However, with timely interventions and necessary up gradations from cyber experts, website addresses have now crossed the number of stars in the universe.

With huge registration application for websites, it was even said that the existence of www is under enormous threat and it will vanish within two years. Old system of IPV-4 provided us with 4.3 billion web addresses. It was a huge number in 1980. However, with proliferation of mobile, i-pad etc has dwarfed this number. Web address shortage was already feared in 2008. But with the advent of IPV-6, the problem got sorted out.  

With the new system coming into effect, we have 340 undecillion (340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,738,211,456) IP addresses available with us. IPV-5 came into effect as the internet was born 30 years ago.

Ever wonder how Internet works? When we enter to a website by putting the web addresses, it gets converted into a unique IP address. Now, with the new system in place, any possibility of shortage of web addresses is ruled out for many more years to come. 


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