"We are working on a web portal so that a person can see how much radiation a person is exposed to in that area," A.K. Bhargava, member (technology) in the Department of Telecommunications, said at the International Telecommunication Union-T SG5 meeting.

He said the telecom department has started working with industry body Cellular Operators Association of India - the GSM body in India-- to develop the portal.

"It is in nascent stage. We are yet to see proof of concept for this project. The idea is that a person should be able to know in real time how much radiation mobile tower in his proximity is emitting," Bhargava added.

Experts in the seminar said there is need for clear roadmap and responsibility in the government on this topic, as well as for adoption and compliance of health-based standards.

The other things are a public information programme and promotion of research in the field of health and mobile telephony subject.

S.S.Sirohi, senior deputy director general, Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring (TERM) Cell, said: "The radiation standards of mobile towers that are adopted by the Indian government is 10 times less than the prescribed norms. However, there is a need to carry out research on the impact of mobile towers in human health and the governments should strike a balance."