New Delhi: Are you forced to pay a bribe? If so---don’t sit silently. Raise an alarm to unmask those whom you paid bribe. One simply needs to visit and write the whole story.

Bangalore based organization ‘Janagrah’ came out with this novel idea to create awareness among people against bribery.

People have started clicking the website to write against the corruption in as many as 317 towns. Janagrah’s initiative has started to put a pressure on the government as the bribery cases of Rs 24 crore and Rs 74 lakh were registered on the

Although this amount seems negligible amidst thousands of crores being looted, the campaign is bearing fruits as thousands from metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai and in small cities like Barelli and Bhagalpur have exposed dishonest people through their complaints.

Surprisingly, police is on the top in bribery list, according to the registered data. In Noida, about 55 incidents registered with the website Rs 6 crore were paid as bribe.

Besides, two thousand complaints registered in Bangalore, related about Rs 7-crore of bribery being paid.

Residents in national capital seem to shy away from lodging complaints, as bribery cases of only Rs 42 lakh were registered in 230 matters, while among other cities where cases were cited on the website include Lucknow 21 lakhs in 43 cases, Gurgaon 6 lakhs in 51cases, Raibarely Rs 10,000 in one and Bhagalpur Rs 29,000 in two cases.

T R Raghnandan through ‘Janagrah’ has chalked out the strategy to build a pressure on government on the basis of complaints registered with the website. He said, “in most of the cases people already decide either to pay the bribe or to remain silent. They only need to be vigilant and take initiative as Janagrah is ready to do the rest of the work for them.”