Sydney: Now, apart from renting a car for a day or paying per click, one can actually ‘pay per date’ and rent a friend to hang out for a day.

The site is helping many people to get along with the idea of fixing up a date by paying the partner.

Deborah Webber (57) and Tasmin Sharp (35) are just two of 181 Australians who have recently signed up with the website to offer their friendship for a fee.

"I'm hoping [someone] will rent me and say, ''Can you show me around Sydney?" a Sydney newspaper quoted Webber, a home healthcare worker, as saying.

"I like to help people who need help," said Sharp, an actress who works part-time in marketing and promotions.

"I thought, well, it could be quite cool to have that as your job, to get paid to hang out with someone," she added.