Human race has tried to remember those dead by building pyramids, memorials, samadhis and tombs like Taj Mahal besides through religious rituals and heart-wrenching quotations on grave stones. After the advent of newspapers, people started issuing condolence message adverts in memory of the dead.
In 2011, when food was served in one such newspaper page, full of condolence advertisements (common in Gujarati newspapers here), to two friends by a street hawker, they chanced upon the idea of providing an online platform to people to lock the memories of their loved ones permanently.
Thus, Vimal Popat and Vivek Vyas of Rajkot launched their first and only web portal of the country dedicated to obituaries for common people on net called
"Though newspapers reach lakhs of people on a single day, the shelf life of a newspaper is very limited and after that it is used for different purposes. We thought that this web-based portal will be an alternative to remember and pay tributes to those who we adore but have left this abode," Vivek Vyas said.
"There are names of greats and reputed contemporaries on the web, but when we search the name of our grandfather or father it is not there on the net. By this website you can create permanent digital footprints of your family which is required in this digital age," Vyas said.