Named 'Breakup Shop', the site, whose slogan is 'Let us help you end it', uses email, snail mail, text or Snapchat, at prices from 6 pounds sterling to 30 pounds for customized naughty or nice options, media reports stated.

Warring couples can use the website to do the dirty work of splitting up for them - by sending a text telling your partner that you are dumping them. Users are given the option of buying emails or a written letter and phone call services from the site. Once paid for, the break-up is sent or spoken directly to your future ex.

Customers can select a break-up to suit their price range or personal preference. A break-up text or email costs around 6.50 pounds, while a text-bouquet combo will cost you 32 pounds.

The site also sells DVD of The Notebook, boxes of cookies and Netflix giftcards to people who have recently been axed from a relationship. The site provides the option of sending standard pre-written or custom made letters to your to-be ex.

Nice options include a gift pack with chocolate chip cookies and a copy of The Notebook on Blu-way while one naughty option sends a 'mean photo attachment' of you with your new replacement. Yet another feature of the website is the break-up phone call service, offered at 20 pounds if you are in 'no rush' or 26 pounds for a call 'within 24 hours'.