Bridal necklace: There is a great demand for choker neckpieces in gold and diamond. The Mughal-inspired neckpieces where the coverage is more but the weight of precious metal is kept less, are also loved during bridal season.

Bracelet: Versatile pieces where the chains can be easily detached from the ring and the bracelet and the ring can be worn separately are getting popular.

Maang-tika: The side passa maang-tika is one of the sought after jewellery pieces for the head -- for instance, coloured gemstones engraved in gold.

Nose ring: The round big hollow loop will continue to rule, but brides willing to experiment can try the tribal jewellery-designed nose ring.

Danglers have always been in trend, but the brides are opting for longer danglers for pre-wedding functions.

Feet accessories:
The payal is no longer slick. The feet accessories are getting thicker and colourful.

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