Brides and grooms, who often obsessively document their first kiss, first cake slice and first dance, are adding yet another first to their wedding photographer's list - the morning after. Sexy shoots featuring rumpled beds and steamy showers are a hot new trend within the wedding business.

As the seating charts and floral arrangements fade into memory, these intimate photo shoots take place in newlyweds’ bedrooms or even the hotels where they’ve spent their first night as husband and wife.

Inna Shamis said she only hesitated for a couple seconds when Michelle Jonne asked her and husband to jump in the shower.

“We do it very sexy and implied,” a major newspaper quoted New Jersey-based photographer Jonne, who charges about 650 dollars for the service, as saying.

The collections often share a torrid theme - couples tumbling in the sheets in various stages of undress, baring almost all to their partner and the person behind the lens.

“I wanted to do the shoots to show that [marriage] is happy … it’s sexy and it’s not over,” Jonne said.
Jonne is inspired by the lusty Emporio Armani ads featuring shirtless soccer star David Beckham and his equally sultry wife Victoria.

Melissa Squires said the photos are meant to remind couples of the ‘bliss feeling of being newlywed.’ “Do I think it''s a little bizarre? Yes,” Candy Cantor, co-owner of RK Bridal in midtown Manhattan, who has spent almost three decades in the marriage business, said.

“There’s a sexiness to the wedding and I think that’s enough. “And I am far from a prude,” she said.
The 39-year-old who runs a photo studio in Detroit said that raunchiness isn’t what these sensual photo shoots are about.

“The feeling I try to capture is closeness,” Squires said. “That lovely calm and happiness one feels when they realize it’s for real, now they are really husband and wife,” she added.