Mumbai: There was some buzz lately about Sharmila Tagore and her family’s impending visit to Bhopal to sort out the details of the Saifeena wedding. However, Sharmila rubbishes these reports and states that the planning around the nuptials is going steady and that the ceremony will take place either in Pataudi or Mumbai.

The veteran actress states, “There is no point to go to Bhopal during Ramazan. I will go after Eid, Inshaallah!” and adds, “The venue will be Pataudi or Mumbai. With Tiger passing away, we want a very quiet wedding. Saif Miyan is the busiest man on the planet. He wants to do the wedding in Pataudi but apparently Kareena’s parents want it in Mumbai.”

The big fat Indian wedding

In fact, Sharmila doesn’t mind the traditions around an Indian wedding. She says, “Shaadi toh ladki ke ghar se hi honi chahiye. Dabboo ji (Randhir Kapoor) will decide on the wedding venue. Everything is going very smoothly.” Once again reiterating that Bebo will in fact be wearing Sharmila’s wedding outfit, the actress says, “Kareena will be wearing the royal clothes and the jewellery that I wore. But there is a lot of work to be done still.”

Date drama

Regarding the buzz around the couple wishing to postpone the wedding to December, Sharmila asserts that it will take place in October, as was earlier reported. She laughs and says, “I am giving a warning to Saif. I am confirming that the wedding will take place on October 16.”

No pressure to convert

Sharmila also says that a registered marriage ceremony will take place on the 16th but she rules out the nikah taking place on the same date. She adds, “If later on they want they can do the nikah. There may be problems when they have kids as issues of inheritance come up. Anyway, Saif’s son Ibrahim is a Muslim, as Amrita (Singh) converted to Islam during their marriage. But we cannot force anyone to convert, and when you are in love you should do what your heart says.”

Party in Pataudi

While Sharmila asserts that the wedding preps are going steady in Pataudi, she also cautions that it is not an easy job to renovate their palatial house within a small amount of time. She says, “I have told Saif, ‘First shaadi, then the décor’. I have started booking the hotels but the guest list is still to be decided. But whatever it is, the wedding will take place in October.” Now with the wedding confirmation coming from the horse’s mouth, the gossipmongers can rest in peace.


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