This is not only strange but also mischievous that prior to identification of the body of Kishenji alias Koteshwar Rao, the notorious Naxal leader in the jungles of west Medinipur,  some political and non-political organisations came to a conclusion that he was killed in a fake encounter. How could people sitting hundreds of kilometers away from west Medinipur realize that this encounter was fake? The sympathizers of Naxal organizations also started speculating that he was first invited for talk and then killed. They are also making an unsuccessful bid to convey that all the possibilities of talk have ceased after his death, while the truth is that the Maoists were never ready for any negotiation. They were making every possible attempt to foil the talk with the government. The way West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee facilitated them to come to the negotiating point is a rare example. Recently, the Central government started stating that it was ready to hold talks with Naxalites even if they do not surrender their arms.  However, they responded to this invitation through killings and violence. The encounter of security forces with Koteshwar could have been termed fake if the spot had indicated to this effect or post-mortem report could have created suspicion or any witness could have ruled out the contention of the forces. However, there is no such ground. It is really praiseworthy that the state government has handed over the encounter probe to the CID. It was quite obvious in the wake of allegations of fake encounter, which removed the doubt.  Howsoever notorious a criminal is, nobody can be allowed to take unlawful means to eliminate him.

Those who are floating the theory of fake encounter just to grab the attention and to serve their petty political interests, they must pay attention to the statement of Director General of CRPF in which he said jawans are killed by the Naxalites and it is deemed to be pretty common but if they win over Maoists it becomes a fake encounter. This is a good indication that in the wake of Koteshwar’s killing the call for West Bengal bandh was made ineffective. Not only Naxalites, but their supporters and sympathizers should also understand that during the bandh, barring the closure of a few shops in Jhargram region of Medinipur, it had hardly any impact here. They should also realize that an impression about the Naxalites has deepened as they are digressing from their path. This is also a reality because their activities have proven them as mafia and terrorists. They are no more related with the ideology of Naxalism which had encompassed two or three decades back. This is true that the Naxal ideology cannot be defeated through bullets, but the fact is that the Naxalites are not at all eager to solve the problem through talks. Albeit, it is an uphill task to hold negotiation with them, and if it happens, there is a least possibility of any concrete outcome as they neither have faith in democratic means not have faith in the Indian Constitution. However, it is absolutely true that they are hardly bothered about the rights of tribal populace.