1. The 'three second rule': Does your food get contaminated once it falls on the ground? A research in the Manchester Metropolitan University has proved that dropped food with high salt or sugar content are less likely to absorb any harmful bacteria.

2. Coffee makes you see the dead: Strange but true! According to a UK based study on a group of 200 people, those who took more caffeine were more likely to have hallucinations or extra sensory experiences.

3. We all have murder fantasies: In a study by a psychologist to find out if people have murder fantasies, it came out that 91 percent of men and 84 percent of women have had a fantasy of murdering someone.

4. Sherlock Holmes was real: To check the history of British teens, a group of researchers asked if Sherlock was a real detective in history and 58 percent of participants said yes.

5. Eating eggs yolks similar to smoking: Eating egg yolk puts people at risk of heart diseases. The cholesterol content of the yolk is too high and puts people at heart risk and builds plague around the arteries, one of the key reasons for stroke or attacks.

Arya Lakshmi/JPN

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