The brownish cola flavoured toffees had 'cola' in its name because of its taste. The cola flavour was very refreshing and tangy.

Mango bite


Mango bite was  India's first mango candy, but even today it is the only candy with enriched real juicy sweet mangoes. During 90s, it was one of the most popular candies in the country.



The yummy toffee and elaichi taste come specially packaged in its maha-avatar, making it one of the most popular toffee bars in India. When it comes to toffee for kids, bigger is the best.

Phantom Cigarettes


The chalky cigarettes were our way to pretend like adults. Phantom cigarettes would come in a red box, which had a picture of masked Phantom. In winter, it was fun to play with these sweet cigarettes in the fog.

Pan Pasand


Ravalgaon's Pan Pasand was a sweet rose-tinted candy, which left a syrupy after taste. With its exceptional sweetness, this all-time superstar showcases the robust flavour of sweet 'pan' with a fresh, minty finish. It's India's favorite mouth freshener.



The digestive drop was delicious and tingling candy that was fun to have at any time of the day. And, what's more, it was great for your stomach too!  The sweet and tangy candy tasted very similar to Hajmola.



With so many flavours and colours, there was always something for everyone in poppins. We would share our favourite poppins with friends for a really colourful time. All you need to do is ask, "Doon Kya?" Which one was your favourite?

Lacto King


Melt in mouth, these caramel candies went with the tagline, “So tasty, you just can't stop eating it." And, that was indeed true.

Now, doesn’t that make you think, 'Those were the days...'