Kolkata: The direction of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to trim her official convoy has rendered the security establishment and the state police a confused bunch.

While Mamata is adamant on not breaking her ‘common man’ image even after taking over as the Chief Minister, the state officials are worried over the implications of such trimming on her security.

Mamata’s direction comes within 24 hours of her asking the policemen not to salute her.

As per sources, Mamata has directed the officials not to keep more than two cars apart from her personal car in the convoy.

Earlier, she had refused to use the bullet proof Scorpio car after she was sworn-in as the CM. She has decided to use her own black Santro instead of the Scorpio.

Though Mamata has asked to remove additional cars from her convoy, the central security agencies are worried about her safety.

It has become a challenge for the officials to keep Mamata’s word as well as address her safety issues. For this, several meetings were held on Sunday.

Till now, there was a lead car (pilot car), two Scott cars followed by Mamata’s car and then a tail car in the Chief Minister’s convoy.