Making a "last appeal" to the Central government to "stop deducting all the money" and "re-structure the repayment of loans", the chief minister said: "If you don't do that, then forget that I am a Chief Minister. I am a commoner, I will go to Delhi and I will demonstrate."

Banerjee said that she did not believe in protocol. "The only protocol I abide by is that of the masses. Remember, I have not come to take salute by sitting in an air-conditioned office. I have come to take salute of the masses. If you deduct all the money from my government, there will be protests.

Banerjee alleged that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh failed to keep his promise to help the Trinamool Congress government. Accusing the central government of launching a vendetta against the state due to political reasons, she said "Why are you depriving us? Is that because you are unable to compete with us politically?"

West Bengal owes the centre a whopping Rs 2 lakh crore. Banerjee had once claimed that servicing the debt alone costs Rs.2,600 crore.


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