Kolkata:  In an act of benevolence, the West Bengal government has decided to provide a Daily Allowance (DA) of Rs 1,000 to each member of its Cabinet. However, Ministers on leave and those who remain out of stations for party activities would not be entitled for the facility.

In this regard, the state government is going to pass a resolution which has already received the consent of Governor MK Narayan. The resolution would be treated applicable from September 1.  
Three and a half month after coming to power, Banerjee has come up with the move. 

The Ministers in the Left Front tenure, which ruled the state for nearly 34 long years, got a DA of Rs 7,500 per month. Whereas, the CM was entitled for a DA of Rs 8,000 each month.  If any Minister was on official tour, the politician was subject to an allowance equal to Grade A official.

For an official tour within the state, a Minister earlier received Rs 225 as DA, whereas the amount approved for a visit to Delhi was Rs 300. However, there is no mention of the Chief Minister getting any allowance.

Earlier, modifications were made in the West Bengal Salaries and Allowances of Ministers Act, 1952.
Meanwhile, the experts are of the view that the financial condition of the state is in shambles. And increasing the allowance of the ministers would eventually put an extra burden on the state exchequer.    

JPN/ Bureau