The tagging was done by the members of Whale Shark Conservation Project with the help of the fishing community in Sutrapada, Gujarat, under a project supported by Tata Chemicals Ltd.

Following the enormous success of Whale Shark Campaign launched by the Forest Department, IFAW-WTI and Tata Chemicals in 2004, the fishing community of Gujarat began releasing whale sharks accidentally caught in its nets. Till date, the release of around 400 whale sharks has been recorded.

This satellite tagging of whale sharks help in exploring new facts and data on their habitats and provide precise information on migratory patterns, breeding and survival off the Gujarat coast.

Whale sharks were once brutally hunted for their liver oil, which was used to waterproof boats.  In 2001, the whale shark became the first fish to be listed in Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.


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