At the price, the YuFit fitness tracking band takes on the Xiaomi Mi Band that was recently launched in India at the same price. However, it brings several features in addition. Connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth, it is compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhone.

The Yu Fit Band is accompanied by the YuFit app which will work with HealthifyMe service to give feedback on data collected by the band.

On fitnesss front, it gives access to group coaching, social fitness, motivation and more. Users can choose a coach who will be available on call. First 1000 users will get a free personal trainer.

Key Features of YuFit Band:

It is compatible with Android and iOS
You can use Healthify Me App to connect it with your phone
It supports a OLED display
It will count the number of steps you move
It will track your sleep
It will count your calories burnt
It displays time for different activities
It will notifies about incoming calls
It will notifies about incoming messages
You can even find your phone using it.
You can even set an alarm using your band

The app also lets users track how many calories they have consumed, with its database also including Indian snacks and dishes. The smartband also features a display that shows the time, apart from notifying users about incoming calls and messages.

The Yu Fit band has an OLED screen, which shows several different types of notifications. The Mi Band gets restricted because it is more like a pedometer, which shows steps, calories and sleep.

In addition to this Fitness tracking will allow the app to track if a user has reached their fitness goals. Fitness Tracking allows users to chat with personal health coaches, nutritionists, etc and is powered by the HealthifyMe app in which Micromax had recently invested.