Here are the tips that aspiring fashion designers are tired of hearing from others:

Indirectly insulting their work: If you don't like someone's design, you're not helping by speaking in cryptic code that nobody understands. Making something sound like a compliment (but it's actually an insult) only leads to more confusion. Just say what you have to say.


You'll never make it as a designer: This is probably the worst thing you can say to anyone who is aspiring to make it as a fashion designer. Talent is something that develops over time. It doesn't happen overnight.


Don't take this personally: The second those words come out of your mouth, the person you say them to is going to take them personally. There's no way around it.

No one will wear this: Just because you won't wear it doesn't mean that someone else won't.
It's either too trendy...or not trendy enough: So you're saying the outfit is too trendy with these buttons on it? But if they are removed, it's not trendy enough? No matter what they do, their designs are still not good enough.

Pointing out every single flaw, no matter how minor: Hate the colour? Check. Hate the style? Check. Hate the zipper? Now you've just gone too far.

This is a very competitive industry: And so is every other industry. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't try.

If you change this, this, and that, it will be perfect: So what you're really suggesting is that they just start all over again from scratch and throw this in the garbage.



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