Laika's sacrifice led the human race for such amazing discoveries and will always be valued for it.

Here are seven facts about Laika that you probably don't know:

1. On November 3, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first-ever living animal into orbit, a dog named Laika.

2. Her flight was to test the safety of space travel for humans, although it was a guaranteed suicide mission for Laika, as technology for return trip was not developed then.

3. Laika was a stray dog in Moscow picked up few weeks before the rocket launch. The researchers took her mainly because of her small size and calm nature.

4. Laika died after six or seven hours after the launch of Sputnik 2 while in orbit.

5. Laika was known to be terrified during her launch with her heart beating three times faster than normal.

6.  She died soon after the launch as she was exposed to the spiralling heat and humidity, which would have definitely killed her.

7. A structure of a dog standing on top of a rocket was built in her honour near military research facility in her honour. She also appears on the Monument to the Conquerors of Space in Moscow.

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