They would party together almost every fortnight at Mannat and the ladies would sometimes take off for exotic holidays together. The men in the group bonded big time too and even loved working with each other. They stood by each other like friends do and shared all their innermost secrets, apart from the fun and camaraderie.

They were a bunch of happy, carefree people hanging together and partying together all the time. Their friendship was the envy of a lot of other people in the industry and it was almost impossible to filter into this tight coterie. Two years and many turbulences later, the team has scattered in many directions, with some of the once-upon-bosom-buddies refusing to even see eye to eye.

Things started apparently coming apart one fateful night at a party in Mannat to celebrate Gauri’s birthday. Some of the group members were apparently getting peeved about SRK’s growing friendship with Priyanka Chopra. According to sources, SRK didn’t take kindly to Arjun and Mehr’s rather aggressive stand against this friendship. After that, the Rampals have said to have never stepped into Mannat again.

Incidentally, it was while Ra One was being made and Shah Rukh and Arjun would meet on the sets every day. Later, things apparently started heating up and it is said that Karan Johar and SRK’s friendship also started getting affected because of this. Priyanka is said to have had a fall out with the girl gang too, but it was Kjo who later extended an olive branch towards PeeCee by inviting her to his birthday party.

After this incident, apparently the parties were moved to Sanjay and Maheep Kapoor’s residence instead of Mannat. The other members of the group continued meeting as earlier. Gauri’s girl gang continued meeting and making plans together. In fact, one of the many parties that the gang attended together was Hrithik Roshan’s surprise birthday party early this year, in a yacht.

Ironically, Sussanne had sought the help of the Rampal couple to arrange this party. Shah Rukh Khan didn’t attend it but rest of the gang did. And then came the rift in Sussanne and Hrithik’s marriage and rumours of Arjun and Sussanne’s friendship. Hrithik is said to be now keeping away from the group. Coming back to Sussanne’s party, Shah Rukh did make a brief appearance while Gauri stayed on longer.

Arjun came with Mehr but apparently didn’t share a word with SRK or Gauri. Gauri constantly had Kjo by her side. Incidentally, Salman and Shah Rukh didn’t bump into each other as Salman had left by the time SRK arrived. The interesting part is that Sussanne left with the Rampal couple to go to Sanjay and Maheep Kapoor’s house where the after party of the launch was organised. Apparently the party went on till the wee hours of the night and Sussanne left the venue at 4.10am and Arjun and Mehr left at around 3.30am.


Interestingly, Sussanne’s family was missing from her big launch. Only older sister Farah Khan Ali made a brief appearance.

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