Screen Size:

It is speculated that the phone will have larger displays as it makes sense given their huge popularity in Asian markets and almost standard five-inch to 5.5-inch screens of Android phones. Notably, the iPhone 5 screen is only four inches.


Assuming Apple takes the same approach as last time, an iPhone announced on September 9 will be available 10 days later on September 19.

Phone name:

It seems, given the company's recent naming conventions, with major revisions earning a new number (iPhone 4, iPhone 5) and smaller refinements or offshoots getting a letter added(iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S ), the new product will be named iPhone 6.


According to the report iPhone 6 screen would be ‘significantly’ higher in resolution than that of the iPhone 5S (which is 1136 x 640). A resolution of 1704 x 906 would be needed to give a 5.5-inch screen roughly the same pixel density of an iPhone 5, so the expectation becomes least.