New Delhi, Jan 10 (Agencies): Bizzare but true, an RTI query has questioned the intelligence of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

This bizarre question came up by way of a RTI query before the Central Information Commission which promptly dismissed his plea with an observation that seeking such kind of details is surely "stretching the limits" of the Right to Information Act a "bit too far."

The applicant, a resident of Ahmedabad, had sought information about Mahatma Gandhi, some of the former Presidents of India and other Ministers asking for their correct date and time of birth, their blood group and above all their IQ.

But, the Central Public Information Officer had informed him that the desired information was not available with the President's Secretariat leading the applicant to go in for an appeal.

While dismissing his appeal before him, Central Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra noted that "seeking the information about the IQ of the Ministers or the former Presidents is surely stretching the limits of the Right to Information Act, a bit to far."