If reports in the media are to be believed then several roles have been talked about within the party circles for the party veteran.

With the future of party heavyweights likes Sushma Swaraj, Murli Manohar Joshi and Advani discussed extensively within the BJP ranks, there have been several reports hinting towards the high-level tension in the party over the sulking presence of these stalwarts.

Whether it is the role of a Speaker in Lok Sabha or the NDA chairman or the head of a National Advisory Council (NAC), several positions are being discussed for Advani.

With Modi keen on not having two powers of centers in the NDA government, the possibility of Advani getting a significant position like NAC head seems improbable. It is a wide scale accepted fact that Modi likes to call all the shots on his own without any external interference.

The role of Lok Sabha Speaker, which reportedly was offered to Sushma earlier, has also been talked about for Advani. However, sources in the saffron camp say that with 87-year old Advani’s age and lack of vocal skills, it seems highly unlikely too.

The post of Lok Sabha also is perceived as relegation for a stalwart who had once served as the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of the country.

The position of NDA chairman is perhaps the second most powerful role in Modi-led government and applying the same logic that the Gujarat Chief Minister does not like dual power centers, it also seems implausible for now to see Advani taking up this position.

Another speculation that is doing the rounds in the media circle is the position of country’s President in 2017 for Advani. However, what role Advani would play in the NDA government before Pranab Mukherjee retires is still unclear.

It is important to note that no BJP leader has so far occupied the highest constitutional position in the country till date. So, if the circumstances are right in 2017 then Advani would be one of the strongest contenders to become the country’s next President.

With a scenario where party seniors end up sulking even after the NDA win, it could serve as a dampener in the BJP’s celebration of an expected comprehensive win in the Lok Sabha election.


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