Floral fragrance
Such fragrances are simply perfect for a pure feminine personality. If you are sweet and confident at the same time then floral fragrance would be an ideal option for you.  It usually suits people with flirtatious, vivacious, youthful and playful nature. Floral scents are also very romantic and  have a optimistic outlook on life. They include enticing scent of rose, jasmine, orchids, lily and many more.

Aquatic fragrance
A perfect fragrance for dreamers. Women who wear this fragrance are elegant yet free- spirited. If you are classy, confident and sophisticated then this fragrance will be ideal for you. The women with the aquatic fragrance personality maintains low-key with a laid back attitude, but at the same time they are fun-loving and ready for anything.

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Woody fragrance
A woman who wears these fragrances is glamorous, free- spirited and often a creature of the night. They are confident and comfortable in their own skin and don't mind being the center of attention. They turnout to be an amazing friend, deeply compassionate and infinitely affectionate but at the same time they are a bit stubborn, warm, wise and unique by character.   Scents with base notes of musk, sandalwood or cedar are some good fragrances one can opt for.

Citrus fragrance
A fairly feminine woman, sometimes reserved but confident too. They are easygoing and playful. Women who wear this fragrance carry themselves with elegance and confident and they tend to be classic beauties. Such fragrances include fresh lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit base notes.


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Gourmand fragrance
Not just any kind of girl can carry this fragrance. A relatively new category of perfumes based on the concept of using edible spices like vanilla, chocolate, honey and cinnamon. A gourmand women is funny, cheeky and always up for a laugh. This kind of fragrance is ideal for a sensual woman, who enjoys the finer things in life especially when it comes to cuisine and wines. Such women radiate health and happiness.

Fruity fragrance
Such fragrances are simply perfect for a pure feminine personality. These fragrances match optimistic characters who like taking the lead. These are perfect for sporty girls with a lively sense of humor and noticeable crisp.  These fragrances are light and refreshing

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