While the links are working on WhatsApp’s iOS app, on Android the links are disabled, which means that you can’t tap on them to open the Telegram page.

The URLs in Telegram appears as messages and the users were blocked from coping and pasting as well according to report in The Verge.

The report also suggests that the that Telegram has confirmed that WhatsApp rolled out a silent update across devices which had initiated the block.

The block was first spotted on Reddit and an image was posted of the same imgur. The android police has also put out an article showing a part of the WhatsApp source code for the most recent version of the app, where the link telegram.org is added to bad host.

Telegram’s latest update also brought some solid features to the application, which includes Supergroups where users can add 1000 members, double of what WhatsApp currently offers. Additionally Telegram lets users share files of up to 1.5 GB, much more than what WhatsApp currently offers.