According to the report, the users' pictures are vulnerable to strangers despite changing the privacy settings to 'contacts only'.

Aiming to expand its userbase, WhatsApp unveiled its web browser version that allows users to access it on their personal computers.

With over 600 million users globally, WhatsApp till now was available only on smartphones across operating systems Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.
However, an online privacy tool endorsed by Edward Snowden is being used to protect WhatsApp messages from snooping by encrypting them as they travel the Internet.

Open Whisper Systems announced a partnership with Facebook-owned WhatsApp to use Text Secure protocol to essentially scramble messages in transit, hiding whatever is inside from prying eyes.
Text Secure encryption enabled automatically as a default setting is already built into most recent version of WhatsApp for mobile devices powered by Google-backed Android software, with billions of messages being exchanged daily, according to Open Whisper. 
WhatsApp's user base in India has grown to 70 million active-users, accounting for over a 10th of its global users.