The reports reveal that the WhatsApp is working on a web version. A recent WhatsApp update (v2.11.471) has mentions of 'WhatsApp Web' within its code.

Further, the code mentions references to logging in/out of computers as well as tracking user statuses online. The report also reveals that the code has no mention of Facebook as such, indicating that users might not need to log into the web-based service via their respective Facebook accounts.            

According to the Dutch website, ‘WhatsApp Web’ has been mentioned inside the code of a recent WhatsApp update. However, there is still no official word from WhatsApp regarding the matter.

WhatsApp has 600 million active users globally, out of which 70 million users in India. Facebook completed its USD 19 billion buy of mobile messaging application WhatsApp in October.

Facebook, the world's biggest social network, announced the buyout of the WhatsApp messenger service, used by 600 million people, in February and US authorities approved the deal in April.