The voice-calling can be activated by receiving a call from someone whose voice-calling is already activated. After you get the call, you need to close and then reopen the app. After that, instead of seeing the most recent chats, you will get three tabs namely Calls, Chats and Contacts. The call tab shows incoming, outgoing and missed calls at the precise times.

Other messenger apps which provides voice-calling facility are Hike, Viber, Line, Nanu, among others.
WhatsApp, which is attracting around 70 million monthly users, can add another edge to its user base in India with this add-on feature.

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Android smartphone users will be able to use the feature and company has stayed any word on whether and when it will be released for iOS and other users.

WhatsApp's voice calling feature had went live a few times before but was quickly shutdown. Users will get to know if voice calling is active on their account if the main UI automatically gets updated which will feature three different tabs where one will be allocated for calls, a second for chats and a third for the contacts list.

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Nevertheless, users shall stay cautioned from the random invites for enabling the voice calling feature as they can be a spam.