"Nothing has changed for us (after acquisition by Facebook)," Neeraj Arora, business development head of WhatsApp told a visiting group of young Indian entrepreneurs as part of a NASSCOM initiative to promote startups in India.
WhatsApp, he said, is now focused on increasing its population of active users from 500 million to a billion active users in one year.
"And that too without even touching at the money, which has been parked in a bank for future use and not for the mobile messaging service," he said.
"We hardly do press. We have spent zero dollars so far in marketing," he said indicating that such things are distractions.
"When you do not have to those things, then you focus on bringing more users to your platform," Arora said.
Responding to a question, Arora said that the whooping USD 19 billion raised through Facebook is being kept in the bank.
"It is more for insurance purposes. If you have to do certain things, you want to make certain changes, invest in something, we should have the money and have the leverage to take the bets," Arora said in response to a question.
"But we never thought that we will use this money for operation. We are much disciplined from day one. We thought we are not a typical Silicon Valley company," he asserted.
An engineer from IIT Delhi and MBA from the Indian School of Business Hyderabad, Arora worked with Times Internet and Google in India before joining WhatsApp.
Sharing his experience with this mobile messaging app, Arora, 35, said WhatsApp decided against having username and password and identified its users with their phone number.
"That was one of the biggest reasons, why it got picked up so fast," he said, adding that the focus of his company is to provide the best user friendly product to the people.
When asked about the acquisition by Facebook, he said that the owners of WhatsApp never wanted to sell the company, and when the talks started, the deal happened in less than a week.