Some technical issues was reported around two weeks ago in the app resulting which Microsoft had pulled out WhatsApp from theWindows Phone store.

The new features in WhatsApp include chat backgrounds, better privacy settings and the ability to customize notification tones.

Several complaints about the WhatsApp to the developers about serious issues with update 3 for Windows Phone 8 that either caused consistent errors or permanently disabled notifications were registered by the consumer.

Needless to say, Windows 8.1 is crucial for Microsoft and the company wanted to ensure that the app doesn’t offer a compromised experience.

While WhatsApp is looking to double its user base to a billion in one year, it has been facing some hiccups in terms of smooth functionality. Just one week before the app was pulled out from the Windows Phone store, it went down for some users. It faced delays in sending messages, some messages were shown as sent but never reached the recipient, and so on.