New Delhi: The procurement agencies of Uttar Pradesh are caught in trouble as the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has termed their wheat stock of poor quality and refused to pay for it. The million tonnes of wheat purchased for Central pool has become a source of problem for the state government as the FCI refused to include it into the pool. The state government has raised strong objection to it.

According to reports, a team of FCI officials has been sent to UP to check the quality of wheat procured by the FCI. The target of wheat purchase has been set at 40 lakh tonnes in the state, of which the FCI can buy one lakh tonne.

The FCI has been allowed to open only 50 wheat procurement centres in UP which led the Food Ministry to raise an objection to the state government.

According to the latest bulletin of wheat procurement, the government can purchase only 22 lakh tonnes of wheat in the state. In this purchase, FCI has bought only 39,000 tonnes of wheat.

One of the FCI officials said, “The wheat quality of procurement agencies is very poor. It is impossible to buy it for the Central pool. The quantity is over 5 million tonnes. The state procurement agencies have been alerted from time to time about the quality of wheat. Yet the quality standards have been ignored.

According to sources, “Hundreds of trucks with wheat have been waiting outside the FCI warehouses because they have not been allowed to offload the wheat.”