Here, we elaborate some interesting incidents of his life which young Raina translated into success.....

Accompanied by 12 to 15 year-old boys heading to play a cricket tournament  Suresh Raina was sleeping on a newspaper lying on the train's floor. Late in the night, Raina had to face brief scuffle with a bullying kid. The tussle later ended after major accident that shook 13 years old Raina.Series of bullying episodes had been continuously scaring  him in Lucknow hostel and he finally decided to quit the hostel and return home.

After few days, he reckoned that  it was because some boys, from the athletics branch, were jealous that Raina was getting the attention from cricket coaches.

There was the wild atmosphere in the hostel, however, adolescent Raina re-joined the hostel two months after his elder brother Dinesh's intervention, who ensured his safety there.

It was a different Raina who came back to hostel two months after quitting. He had decided to channelise anger into improving his cricket.

Later, he got a call from Mumbai and was asked to play cricket for Air India — an event that he credits as life-changing. At Air India, Pravin Amre encouraged him a lot and things began to flow. In 1999, Raina got a scholarship with Air India that paid him Rs 10,000.

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