Q. How did you become Radhe Maa from Sukhwinder Kaur?
A. I got married at a very young age; I was 17 when my parents wanted me to settle down. After 2 and half years, my husband left me and our two sons, and went abroad. To fend for my sons and in-laws, I started stitching clothes for a living. Since childhood, I had always loved music. I would get lost in the music and my in-laws noticed this and felt that I had some kind of power in me. They took me to my guru, who took me under his wing and christened me Radhe Maa when he saw that I had divine powers within me. That is how I got the name.

Q. You used to wear western attire earlier, but now you have started wearing Indian clothes. What is the reason behind this?
A. Before marriage and until two years after marriage, I used to wear western clothes. I was young and beautiful, and loved wearing western dresses. But after I got guruji’s blessings and started worshipping the Devi, I changed my attire and started wearing simple clothes.

Q. What do you think about the recent controversy in which a woman from Kandivli filed a complaint against you in a dowry case?
A. This case is in the court. The truth will be in front of everyone very soon. I came to know later that the complainant had once come to my chowki. I don’t know anything else about her.

Q. Tell us how you learnt about all these complaints against you.
A. When police summoned me, a follower of mine informed me that I would have to go to the police station. I was shocked to hear this and started wondering what bad had I done which led to this. I thought of committing suicide, then realised that if I was wrong, I should be ready to face punishment. As for those who have made these allegations, God should give them blessings and a bright future.

Q. People claim you are worth R400 crore. What do you have to say about this?
A. Please tell these people to give me just R10 crore out of this, and they can have the rest. All I have is Rs 2 crore, which includes my property in Delhi, my jewellery and all my earnings in the last 25 years.

Q. Why do you worship Goddess Durga?
A. I want Devi Maa to give me a darshan; in fact, I have already met Devi Maa, but I cannot reveal anymore.

Q. Why do you always carry a trishul (trident)?
A. According to me, Devi Mata is within me, and that is why I carry a trishul, like Mata.


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