For a politician, facing public anger is part of the job and considered as one of the basic elements of their political career. Every politician at some point of time or the other had borne the brunt of public annoyance, but at times things get serious and embarrassing when someone is heckled either verbally or even worse, physically.

Here, we list some politicians who faced jeer in public at various forums:

1. Nitish Kumar:  Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is the latest victim of heckling. A shoe was hurled at Nitish Kumar during an event in Bhaktiyarpur (Bihar) which was organised to promote the ban on liquor sale.

2.  Arvind Kejriwal: The Aam Admi Party chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is arguably the most attacked politician in the Indian political history. Last month, a shoe was hurled at Arvind Kejriwal during a press conference to announce details of the second phase of the odd-even scheme. The man who hurled the shoe claimed to be from a splinter AAP group.

3. P Chidambaram : Former Home Minister P Chidambaram was also a victim of shoe attack. In the year 2008, P Chidambaram was attacked with a shoe during a press conference.

4.  Janardan Dwivedi: One the most prominent leaders of Indian National Congress, Janardan Dwivedi was also targeted in the year 2011. It was during a press conference when a person posing as a journalist tried to attack Dwivedi with a shoe.

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