"Inside the chariot, which was suspended by thick ropes, Salman was grooving to the tunes of Main hoon hero tera from his recent production, Hero. His entry vehicle was supposed to fly much above the seated guests, but it started descending rapidly. He panicked as it was swinging dangerously, just four feet above the audience's heads and they appeared scared. He did reach the stage but not in a heroic way as planned," says an eyewitness.

Post performance, Salman Khan seemed to be in a foul mood and yelled at his choreographer, Mudassar Khan backstage. "After his stage act, he called the choreographer and showered him with expletives. He was upset with the arrangements, so much so that he even raised his voice at his staff. For half an hour, he seemed restless, banging tables and chairs, kicking around and muttering curses under his breath," adds the source.

Salman must have lost his cool since had there been a mishap, many in the audience would have been injured. Mudassar, however, denies the buzz and says, "The act was meant to be like that. He flew from above the audience's heads and landed on stage properly; he was not upset with me."

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, who were also close by, saw an angry Salman and left the place. "Alia had greeted the star earlier and on spotting him post his performance, she wanted to talk to him. But, when she realised that he was in a bad mood, she quietly left. Varun was also there and decided not to meet him," the source reveals.


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