As India is a beautiful synthesis of numerous cultures, so is Holi. It is being celebrated with gusto, both in India and outside. It is a matter of pride that an Indian festival has become a global fete.

Here, we list a few countries that celebrate Holi along with India:  

Nepal: Nepal is the second Hindu majority country after India. Nepalese play Holi twice in a year, unlike India.  First Holi is celebrated in the month of Falgun which is also called Phaguwa and the second one is enjoyed during the full moon day in the hills. People of Nepal come down to the plains and visit each others' houses and exchanges colours and gifts.

Trinidad and Tobago: People of  Trinidad and Tobago celebrate Holi with  coloured powder which is also known as 'Abir'. One of the major attractions is the gala celebration of Phagwa in Tunapuna.

Guyana: The government of Guyana marks holiday to celebrate Holi. People of Guyana enjoy it with the spirit of love and harmony. There is a Hindu temple in Prashad Nagar in Guyana where people gather to play Holi.

Fiji: The island, where people of Indian origin live in good numbers play very vibrant Holi. Indo-Fijians celebrate with folk songs, dance, and colours. They also worship Lord Krishna and Radha Rani on the auspicious day.

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Mauritians celebrate Holi just after Shivratri. The people of this island nation light a bonfire and throw colour at each other.

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Thailand: Holi in Thailand is known as 'Songkran' and is played with coloured water and squirt guns just like in India.

Pakistan: In our neighbourhood, Holi is celebrated with the spirit of love and harmony. People break the 'matka' (earthen pot) as part of the revelry. With a lot being common between the two countries, Holi is one of the important festivals of Pakistan and celebrated with a lot of excitement.

Source: Hindutva

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