"The Bharatiya Janata Party has not been able to even release its manifesto when the elections are going to start in two days. They still do not have a manifesto," Gandhi said addressing a rally for Congress parliamentarian Ashok Tanwar, who is recontesting from here.

He said the Congress had taken the views of a cross-section of the society before finalizing and releasing its manifesto.

"The BJP started with its 'India Shining' balloon in the 2004 election and it burst. Their balloon in the 2009 election also burst. Now they have filled air into the Gujarat model balloon. Even this will burst," Gandhi said.

He said other states did not need the Gujarat model being promoted by the BJP.

"Haryana is ahead of Gujarat in many aspects. Haryana does not need a Gujarat model. The Haryana model is the best," he said.

Claiming that the BJP's stand on corruption was hollow, Gandhi said the party can only talk about corruption whereas all its actions were promoting corruption in states where the party is in power.

"Wherever we see corruption, we take action. The BJP does nothing against corruption," he said.


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