“My becoming or not becoming PM does not matter. What is most important is that everyone here, especially women and youth in the country, feel that this is their own country,” Rahul said while responding to best wishes from a youth.
Asking the youth to enter mainstream politics, the Congress leader said there should not be even one youth who says he is afraid in his own country.
"I want to see MLAs, MLCs and MPs from amongst you in the next 10 years, maybe even a Prime Minister also," he said while interacting with tribal youth at an engineering college.
Comparing Mahatma Gandhi and Hitler, Rahul said the German dictator shouted as he lacked confidence.

“But did Gandhiji ever shout? That was because he was confident. Like Mahatma Gandhi, humbleness while speaking is a sign of extreme self-confidence. Confidence should not be seen as aggression," he said.
"There is no need for saying things aggressively. You can say it with love. Many people will be with you," he said.

"If anyone, be it Rahul Gandhi or Prithviraj Chavan, says he knows better than you, he is telling a lie," he said.     

"My request to you, especially tribal youth, is to join mainstream politics," Rahul said.
"My message to the country's youth is that the talent and capability the youth here have is not there anywhere else," the Congress leader said.
On the progress the country has made since Independence, Rahul pointed out that today there were several rich people in India.
"Around 50 to 70 years ago there was not even a single rich person here. The only rich were maharajas and British," he said.


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