Washington: The White House has urged India and its other allies and friends to help isolate Iran and put pressure on the Iranian regime to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions.

"I think that we have made clear to all of our allies and partners around the world about the importance of isolating the regime and Tehran and putting pressure on Iran to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions," White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney told reporters.

The White House official said the US would continue to work with countries around the globe in furthering that goal, "and that includes, obviously, India as well as many other nations."

It is understood that the recent announcement by India that it is sending a big business delegation to Iran to explore the possibilities of trade and business ties with Iran has not gone down well with the Obama Administration or the lawmakers at the Capitol Hill.

Many of them consider this as a step in defiance of the US and something that is aimed towards shielding Iran from its increasing international sanctions.

Carney said the Iranian issue also came up during the White House meetings of the visiting Chinese Vice President, Xi Jinping.

"It is an issue that we raise with the Chinese, as we raise it with many other countries. It is part of an effort, a concerted effort that has, I might remind you, resulted in the strictest sanctions with the greatest impact that have ever been imposed on Iran," he said.

The Chinese Vice President had said that "that impact is evident now to observers and having an effect on both the Iranian economy and on the Iranian leadership."