1. Operation Flood: The 1970 project 'Operation Flood' changed India from a milk deficient country to world's largest milk producer in 1998. Verhgese Kurien was instrumental behind the operation.

2. Founded 30 dairy institutions in India: With an urge to see India as a self sufficient country, he founded around 30 institutions like Amul, GCMMF, IRMA, NDDB  which empowered the farmers.

3. Anand Model: Kurien worked at Central government's experimental creamery at Anand in Gujarat's Kheda district. He along with Tribhuvandas Patel brought together Kheda's farmers as a cooperative union to process and sell milk on a larger scale. This model became a milestone and was later adopted by many other states across India.

4. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd: Kurien has brought this umbrella institution to India's largest food product marketing organisation. Amul is a project that came under GCMMF.  GCMMF has become the largest exporter of dairy products, thus making India famous worldwide for its milk production.

5. Buffalo dairy products: Unlike the United States, India didn't yield much from cow. Hence, he introduced the world's first dairy plant to produce products made from buffalo milk.

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