Mumbai: Both Bipasha Basu and Jacqueline Fernandez are being considered for a role based on the Hollywood star Sandra Bullock's most talked about character in 'Speed'.

According to grapevine, the makers of Gyaarah Chalis Ki Last Metro have one of their key characters woven around the Oscar winner's role in Speed.

The female lead in the sequel to Ek Chalis Ki Last Local will be seen battling against a life-threatening situation in an unstoppable metro, instead of a bus.

Says a source, "The role is inspired by the character from Speed in terms of looks and how she reacts to a grave situation. Also, the actress will be expected to be involved in a lot of action sequences."
Game on!

No wonder that the makers are apparently looking at Bipasha Basu or Jacqueline Fernandez as contenders for the spot opposite Vivek Oberoi.

Adds the source, "It's an action film that is aiming to be bigger and better than Ek Chalis Ki Last Local. The filmmakers think that if there is anyone who can carry off the action convincingly, it's Bipasha Basu. She has done action films like Race before. Jaquline also has a lot of potential for a role like this. The discussion is still on."

However, the producer of the film, Amit Chandrra says, "No actress has been finalised yet."