New Delhi: The sensational news published by the Indian Express on the unexpected, non-notified movement by two military units towards national capital on January 16, the day when Army Chief General VK Singh approached Supreme Court on his date of birth issue has been ‘masterminded’ by one of the senior ministers of the Union Cabinet, claimed the Sunday Guardian.

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The weekly newspaper has claimed that the senior minister revealed the news to indirectly attack Army Chief General VK Singh.  The report says: "The sources claim that the minister is connected - through his close relative - with the defence procurement lobbies gunning for Chief of Army Staff General V K Singh and that the decision to "trick the newspaper into running a baseless report was to drain away support for General Singh within the political class", who could be expected to unite against any effort at creating a Pakistan-style situation in India.”

However, it backfired when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Defence Minister AK Antony denied the reports on army troop movement.

On January 16, the central intelligence agencies reported an unexpected (non-notified) movement by a key military unit from the mechanized infantry based in Hisar (Haryana) along with its fighting vehicles towards Delhi. Meanwhile, another sizeable section of the Agra based 500 Para Brigade also moved near to Palam.

The report said, “Close relative of the minister in question has been "regularly meeting with arms merchants and their lobbyists, including on his many visits abroad".

According to The Sunday Guardian, those connected with national security say that "the net of arms merchants is very wide, with Dubai, London and Bangkok being the three locations where they usually wine, dine and otherwise entertain VVIPs from India".

The report says: "In order to ensure protection for their operations, a lot of which involves dubious money transfers, such agencies and individuals "usually function as auxiliaries of foreign intelligence agencies, and are told to ferret out sensitive and secret information from their contacts".