20s the best time of your life because during this period of time your zealous attitude doesn't like the ones who love to nag in your personal space.

The next best advantage is you don't need to think twice before planning a holidays with your friends nor you need to decide which friends to keep on and which one to ditch just because your significant other doesn't get along well with them.

These never ending benefits of single person always force many of us to abide by your decision and to cherish the share of awesomeness of our status. So, all the Dudes and the Divas don't forget why you made the choice to be single instead of desperately waiting for the 'perfect partner'.

Here's 5 reasons that prove our choice of being single in 20s is amazing...

You don't need to sacrifice your favourite movie just because your partner doesn't like it much.

You have plenty of time for your family and friends

You don't need to set reminders to remember your list of anniversary.

You don't need to keep yourself well groomed even at home because you doubt your partner can pay you a surprise visit

You are a free soul, enjoy the hell out your life because you don't need to follow rules set by your love.

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