"Prime Minister has not taken name of any party or person. Then why should Congress get disturbed? Perturbed? We are not able to understand. Prime Minister during his visits, has been explaining the situation, developments in India to the Indian diaspora. Nobody should have any objection over that," he told reporters here.

The Congress has slammed PM Modi for his veiled attack at the party in the US, saying they were 'ashamed' of his behaviour on foreign soil. PM Modi also attacked the Congress president's son-in-law Robert Vadra over alleged corruption charges during his address to the Indian community in California today.

"If he (Modi) takes the name of a party or a person, then one needs to react or respond. He has not taken any name. Why is Congress getting unnecessarily disturbed," Naidu stated. PM Modi's US visit is a new milestone and the world is seeing him as a 'reformer, performer and transformer', the Parliamentary Affairs Minister said.

On criticism of PM Modi's frequent visits abroad, Naidu cited the tours have helped India in a big way and that the previous Prime Ministers too had visited foreign countries extensively.

"We can feel that those making such criticism do not have knowledge of history. It would be good if they check how many visits Prime Ministers made earlier and how many days they toured," he added.

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