Director Vivek Agnihotri says, “We had erected a set in Filmcity but I was not happy with the kind of light and the feel of the set. The film is based in Punjab and I wanted to get the perfect flavour.”

“It was huge set and there were some 150 dancers were involved in it. Getting background dancers from Punjab and then acquiring necessary permissions for them to work here was time consuming too,” he added.

The director then had discussion with producers and duo agreed upon to bear the losses and shift the set to Punjab.

“I spoke to my producer and told them my problem we were to start shooting in the morning at 7 and in previous night we decided to cancel it. Now we have landed in Punjab and have redone the sets for a song,” the director said.

“In fact I had to pull Yaami out of her film promotions just to finish this song but now all things have fallen into place and the shooting is going smoothly,” he added.

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