So, here we tell you a few important facts related to Hindi Diwas that you ought to know.

In the year 1918, Mahatma Gandhi had called for declaring Hindi as the national language during a Hindi literary festival. Gandhiji had defined Hindi as the language of the masses.

On September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly unanimously decided that Hindi would be India's official language. Chapter 17, Section 343 (1) of Indian Constitution states that the official language of the federation would be Hindi and Devanagari would be the script.

Since this important decision was taken on September 14, four years later, in 1953, the day has been celebrated as Hindi Diwas across the country.  

According to a survey, about 800 million people across the globe use Hindi as their primary language. Almost 150 universities around the world, including nine in China, seven in Germany, four each in Britain, Russia, Italy, Hungary, and France, and two in Japan offer courses in Hindi.

Talking about sports, the number of Hindi cricket audience is 560 million worldwide, which is most for the linguistic-based audience of the game.

Justice Prem Shankar Gupta of AIlahabad High Court gave the first ever ruling in Hindi. The first Hindi newspaper was started by Pt. Jugalkishor Shukla. The first research work in Hindi, Theology of Tulsidas was presented by JR Carpenter at the University of London.

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