Mumbai: When two women as good-looking as Bipasha Basu and Jacqueline Fernandez come together for a film, can confrontations stay behind?

It appears that Shagufta Rafique, the writer of Raaz 3, which stars both actresses, also had the same question in mind. According to sources, Rafique was so worried about possible catfights that he wrote the script in such a manner that would make room for few scenes where the two actresses share screen space.

A source said, "Anticipating trouble, the script has been written in such a way that the two hardly come face-to-face. Also, since it is set in an urban setting, both get to be as glamorous as possible."

When contacted, director Vikram Bhatt admitted that the two don't have much screen time together.

"They have a few scenes together. But by and large, they function without coming together. Even if they had scenes together, I don't think there would be trouble."