London: It takes an extra 8 minutes on an average to go to sleep in February compared with March, and people spend an extra 10 minutes awake during the night, experts have claimed.

Findings from The Great British Sleep Survey of over 21,000 adults from UK show that February will be the worst month for sleep until next winter, a media reported.

In February, one-third more people report low energy levels, with women coming off worse than men.

According to experts, dark days, long nights and centrally heated homes, all conspire to reduce both the amount and quality of sleep at this time of year.

The survey, which was sponsored by Sleepio , showed that the average time taken to fall sleep was 56 minutes and time spent awake at night 59 minutes for those completing the survey in February, versus 48 and 49 minutes respectively in March.

Of those who completed the survey during the month of February, 68 percent complained of low energy, compared to 39 percent who completed the survey in March.

Women are particularly affected, as their sleep quality is seven percent worse in February than the average for the rest of the year. Men experience a five percent decrease in sleep quality.


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