In the recent past many celebrities have had a run-in with Kamaal R Khan aka KRK.

While some have chosen to ignore him, others did not shy away from lashing out at him. On Saturday, Twitter's serial offender targeted Kashyap and Karan Johar, saying he wouldn't review their films anymore as they had threatened him against it.

While KJo did not bother to entertain him, Kashyap did not pull his punches. In a three-part message, the Bombay Velvet director wrote:

"For the record I have nothing to do with Mr KRK stopping to review films, I think he is sh** scared that he will have to eat his words. So he blames it on me, because it's also easy to believe that I must have done it. There are genuine reviewers who give bad reviews to a lot of my work and I respect that. You are just insignificant Mr KRK. Maybe you have lost u'r mojo&they don't enjoy laughing at u anymore (sic)."

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